AKPS Year 2 Class – 2010 – 2011

Traditional tales July 2011
During our Literacy topic on traditional tales we looked at the story of Jack and the bean stalk. Afterwards, we changed 1 part of the story, for example the name or the plant and then wrote our own stories. Mrs Mee thought they were all amazing! We also made a front cover for our story, investigated the conditions that plants need to grow and made a castle for the giant to live in. Take a look at some of them……

Someone even stiched their castle together!

Pond dipping July 2011

As part of out nature topic we investigated the different habitats found around the school,

we found so much in the school pond.

Can you guess what we found?

Pond dipping!

It’s lovely to see team work!

Music day June 2011

As part of the village music festival, we were lucky when we had a day of workshops.

We throughly enjoyed the African drumming and loved the chance to play a range of instruments!

What a lovely photo!

Manor Farm May 2011

To start our nature topic we went to the co-op farm to fork centre. We made bread rolls from local crops, walked around the farm to investigate everything that is grown as well as producing a big piece of art work in small groups.

Please come into our class to have a look at the lovely art work we made on our class trip.

Easter Church visit

Year One and Two went to Holy Cross Church on Monday 4th April to take part in 6 different activites.

Ask us which one we prefered and why!

What happened at the other stations?

I really hope you have enjoyed these photos already, as they were lost from the website and I am unable to reinsert them, I’m very sorry!

Science day March 2011

Irreversible changes

In science we investigated things that changes irreversibly, for example cookies and toast.

One group investigated cookie mix and how it changed!

Ashton Keynes village trip January 2011

How many different land uses can you find in the village?

The village has an amazing history. Can you find about about one old building? For example, the bakery or the school house.

Class 2 have been investigating different place around our village. Take a look at some of the places we went to on our village walk below:

What is this place?

Do you know the significance of these features? Let me know if you do, or can you find out?

What were you doing?

The Roald Dahl MuseumJanuary 2011

We really enjoyed our trip to the Roal Dahl Museum.

Outside the chocolate factory gates!