New Build Update and drop-off/pick-up procedures

The building commences today! (23.10.19) Hooray! It is due to complete on 29th May 2020 which would be fantastic! We are really excited about the build and phase 1 plus is where we are beginning. The local authority will fund the build of three new replacement infant classrooms, Year 1 and 2 toilets and a hygiene room. The school will be contributing to the plus part of the build to make it extra special. The school are planning to fund:

  • An enlarged staff room as ours is currently not fit for purpose with the number of staff we have
  • Additional purpose made toilets within Class R specifically for Class R
  • Fully enclosed access throughout the whole school including a link to the existing hall
  • A secure perimeter to the school building and additional doors to access the hall for users outside school hours
  • New internal access from the main entrance
  • Refurbed Year 5/6 toilets

We have an awesome fundraising team and they have a clear plan to try and raise additional funds to achieve extra plus parts of the build including:

  • A new open plan library area with learning zone for whole school use
  •  A small room for peripatetic music teaching/ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support)/ small group work
  • Helping the school fully secure the links and building with security swipe entrances
  • Class R and KS1 outdoor space

If we raise significant extra funds we can look into phase 2 which is the large atrium area but this may take longer to realise so in the interim we are putting in the foundations and relevant starting points for the future. The fundraising team will be in touch soon with their thoughts and plans and I can guarantee a lot of fun along the way via some awesome events. They have a detailed plan, this newsletter is just to give you a little outline for the start of the build from my perspective. We are also reaching out to businesses and charities and the wider community to fundraise for us. We are delighted so far to have secured resources for the build from Cullimores among other donors.

Team AK are so grateful for all of the support to help make our school an even better place! THANK YOU! The fundraising team will keep us updated on the direction of fundraising as we move forward but this gives you a little initial idea of what we are hoping to achieve. We are super excited about this and want to really focus all of our efforts on the Phase 1 plus model of the build and make our school building superb.

New drop off/pick up procedures from November 4th 2019

As building works commence over half term. We have sent out these procedures yesterday via parentmail and I ask for patience, flexibility and a smile as I anticipate some frustration during this inconvenience but if we all understand that this is short term and for a fabulous long term gain then we can get through this period of transition calmly together! This new build is going to be awesome! ‘Short term pain for long term gain’.

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