Ashton Keynes Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Controlled School. It is one of many Church of England schools in the Diocese of Bristol, educating many hundreds of children each year. Our aim is to provide the best possible education and opportunities for all our pupils.

We have a strong inclusive family ethos based on Christian values, working and striving together for a common shared goal.

As a Church school we try to be distinctive in our approach, emphasising the sense of being part of a much larger Christian family. We also take a pride in the inclusive nature of our school. It has always served the local community, not just Christian families within it. Our community and Church are very important and we want them to feel that our school is their community project so they are actively involved in our achievements. We also have a committed and effective Governing Body who are very visible in our school. Further to this, our dynamic ‘Friends of Ashton Keynes Primary School’ organise many popular social events, including a huge village Bonfire party each year and the forthcoming Parents and Staff Summer Ball. Finally, our parents are paramount in the success and support of the school as they are partners in the education of their children.

Mindful of the values of its foundation, the school endeavours to develop an understanding of the spiritual and moral beliefs of the Christian tradition, and to create a community in which pupils, cared for as individuals, are helped to find fulfilment as they grow towards adulthood and in a relationship with God.

There are a number of ways in which the school, in the spirit of its Christian foundation, gives meaning to its controlled status:

  • It sets out to be a place where the study and practice of the Christian faith are taken seriously, always with sensitivity towards those of other major faiths or no religious beliefs.
  • It seeks to use the extra dimension to school life which the Anglican foundation brings to create an atmosphere of trust and understanding within which moral and spiritual development can be nurtured.

The school tries to be a caring community where each individual is valued. Close links are maintained with Holy Cross Church and The Upper Thames Group of Churches, both in discussion of Religious Education and Worship matters. Representatives from our local church lead our worship regularly and the school joins the Church community for major Christian festivals.

The governors and staff of the school aim to foster the fullest all round development of every child in a happy learning and teaching environment within a Christian framework.

Whilst we consistently provide high quality education for all of our children within our Christian framework, we believe that learning is accelerated through creative learning experiences and opportunities; World Awareness Week, Sports Week, Buddies, Mock trials, and creative WOW sessions are just some examples of initiatives we offer so that everyone is included and everyone has key things to look forward to within the year. We believe that all children have talents and all achievements are celebrated through motivational star challenges, our weekly ‘Time to Shine,’ worship, hero and heroine assemblies for parents and a wide range of rewards; we are always giving our children and adults a chance to shine.

Our clear vision centres around creating inspirational opportunities for our children who are at the heart of everything we do.