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Class 4 Annual Curriculum Overview 2019-2020

Term 1

Class 4 Term 1 Newsletter

Class 4 Term 1 ‘What a Wonderful World’ Homework Brochure

Spelling: Rule 1 Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable

On Wednesday 9th October the whole school took part in a Boogie Bounce class in the hall. It was SO much fun! We danced and bounced on the trampolines and had a great workout. How lucky are we to do so many exciting, new things at AKPS! 

This morning, (Wed 9th Oct) the MOST exciting thing happened in Class 4! Overnight, someone built a den in our classroom! We have no idea who, but we investigated the clues left by the person and think it could be a stone age hunter-gatherer. They have used lots of materials from the class and even drew stone age cave art under their den! They also ate all of the apples we collected earlier in the week in Forest School. The person left us a note on our whiteboard saying, “fanx fer letin me stay,” we are going to write them a note back welcoming them to our school and see what happens tomorrow. What an exciting day at AKPS!

Samuel W

Matilda J

Poppy H

Jack C

Jacob B

As part of our Stone Age topic, Class 4 visited the Ashmolean museum in Oxford on Wednesday 25th September. We explored the galleries and took part in a ‘Life in Prehistoric Britain’ workshop. It was brilliant! In the interactive gallery session the children discovered how we learnt about people from this remote time before written history, including where archaeologists find evidence about the past. We handled materials and artefacts used by Stone Age and Bronze Age people and worked as detectives to decide what the materials and objects might be and how they could be used. We even handled an artefact that was over 30,000 years old!!
We learnt so many interesting things, including how Stone Age people made their fur clothing waterproof using urine and deer brains! It was a brilliant day and a fantastic start to our topic. 


Our topic this term is the Stone Age, to really understand how the hunter-gatherers survived, we turned our imagination on and imagined we were Stone Age hunter-gatherers. We hunted around the school field for assets that would have helped us survive in the wild. We had to find something we could eat, drink, make tools and weapons with, make shelter with, use for clothing and use to make a fire. We then created a ‘Stone Age Survival Guide’ in our books. 


Class 4 had our first Forest School session this week and we made bird feeders using willow! The children had to persevere as it was quite a tricky task, but they worked together and supported each other beautifully. Hopefully you will get lots of lovely birds feeding from the willow feeders, just poke an apple or fat ball through the stick and let us know if you get any birds 🙂 

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Class 4 Curriculum Annual Overview 2018-2019

Term 6

Class 4 Term6 Homework Brochure ‘Global Advocacy’

AKPS are so lucky for the amazing opportunities we are given. On Friday 19th July the whole of KS2 went to the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford. Even though it was the wettest day of the year so far, we had the BEST day. We completed the innovation trail and earned our ‘wings’, we took part in engineering challenges in the Tech tent and won prizes for our efforts, we were even able to play with virtual reality headsets! It was an incredible day. 
Not only that, some of us even met TIM PEAKE!! We had our photo with him and asked him some questions. Overall, it was the best day ever and the children all said it was one of their favourite trips. Thank you Mrs Saville!

As part of a homework project following Awareness of Our World Week, Class 4 were asked to write a letter to a supermarket of their choice asking them to reduce their plastic packaging. Ben in our class had a response from Tesco this week, which informs us of their plans to reduce their plastic packaging and waste. This has been a fantastic opportunity to understand the plastic problem further and to also learn about the many strategies and aims supermarkets have to reduce their plastic use. 

On Wednesday 3rd July we were lucky enough to visit the Fresh Air Sculpture show in Quenington. The children all commented on it being one of the best trips they had been on. It was a brilliant, engaging and imaginative day with all of the children completely inspired by the art they saw. The children were so well behaved many members of the public commented on their manners. We were even able to make our own natural sculptures in a workshop with local artists and are super excited to continue this passion at home and in school. 


On Friday 28th June, Class 4 had their annual residential – camping out on the school field! It was a fantastic evening, thanks to the generous donations of tents from parents, the children were all able to camp out and play games together. We had relay races, a disco on the Smooga, games, dinner on the field, ice creams, yoga and massage! The children were incredible respectful, kind and protective of one another and it was a brilliant evening. We even managed to get a couple of hours sleep 🙂 


Awareness of the World Week (3rd – 7th June)

Turning the Tide on Plastic Pollution was the focus in Class four during Awareness of the World Week this year. After watching Planet Earth 2 and seeing the devastating impact single use plastic has on our world, oceans and people, we have been keen to make a difference! We investigated ‘how long until it’s gone?’ and discussed the meaning of decomposing materials, explaining where items that are not recycled end up. We were shocked to see single use plastic bottles are used once but take up to 450 years to decompose! So all of the plastic ever made that has not been recycled is still out there in a landfill, and will not decompose for another 350 years. 

Thanks to the incredibly generous donations of the school community, every single child in the school was able to make a T-shirt Bag for Life to help reduce the number of plastic bags in the world. We decorated them with powerful messages to show our support of reducing single use plastics. We also discussed the impact cling film has on the world, and made lots of promises to reduce our use of cling film. Keep us updated if your children feel empowered to make a difference, it all starts with one spark! 


Term 5

Class 4 Term 5 Rainforests Homework Brochure

For our Science topic, Animals including humans, we have been learning all about the digestive system. This week got very messy with a practical demonstration of the digestive system! We used bananas and crackers as our food, a sandwich bag to represent our stomach, orange juice to represent stomach acid and water to represent saliva. We then squished and squashed the sandwich bag to break down the food and mix the acid and saliva together. After this, we cut a small hole and pushed the food into a pair of tights, representing the small and large intestines. We learnt SO much about the digestive system and had so much fun in the process. 




The whole school have been working on the School Garden for the Malvern Spring Festival since October last year and today class 4 went to Malvern for the judging! Class 4 have worked so hard to create our garden, based on ‘A Moment in Time’. The children decided to base it on VE day in AK as we have so many links to the armed forces in our school and across the whole village.
Thanks to all of the efforts of every one involved, staff, parents, sponsors, volunteer, children, the entire community donating memorabilia and items linked to the war, we were awarded the Highly Commended award!! We are so proud of our whole school and community for getting the golden award! What a fantastic achievement for everyone involved.


On Thursday 25th April, to kick off our rainforest topic Classes 3 & 4 went to Bristol Zoo! We spent the morning looking at the different animals around the zoo, we saw gorillas, penguins, seals, bats and were roared at by a lion! After this, we were taken to our Rainforest workshop in the Education Centre. We were told all about the different layers of the rainforest, the climate, where rainforests can be found and what animals can be found in a rainforest. We then held hissing cockroaches, stick insects and even stroked a rainbow boa snake! It was so exciting, the children had so much fun and it was a brilliant kick off to our amazing new topic. 


As part of our Malvern Flower Show, “Ashton Keynes Remembers”, Class 4 spent the morning with local artist Marie creating poppy sculptures using recycled plastic. We cut the plastic bottles into the shapes, used acrylic paints, pens, wire, buttons and hair dryers to create the poppies. They are absolutely beautiful, so beautiful we are going to make more next week! 

It was a fantastic, craft filled morning and the children loved it. The poppies will be used in our Malvern Flower Garden to remember those who have fought and continue to fight for our country. 


Term 4

Class 4 have had a fantastic term rehearsing and preparing for our production of Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood. The children in Classes 3 & 4 were absolutely magnificent both evenings and put on memorable performances. We had fantastic feedback from all who attended and loved the opportunity to do some art, DT and drama. We even wrote our own additional lines for the script to ensure the play was perfect. Howwwwww do you think we got on? 🙂 

Class 4 Term 4 Newsletter

We have been learning all about Incarnation in Christianity this term and what the Holy Trinity means to Christians. We learnt all about God as the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit and watched videos of Jesus’ baptism to understand the impact of this story on a believer. We then drew a symbol to show our representation of God as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They were so fantastic we then created them into a piece of art work using soft pastels and made a display in the Year 4 corridor.


This week in Science week (week of 11th March) Class 4 made lava lamps! It was SO much fun! We used water, sunflower oil, food colouring and alka-seltzer aspirin and discussed the different densities of the liquids and why sunflower oil floated on top of water. We were all surprised that this happened and loved watched the oil pouring into the bottle. We then added food colouring and were amazed watching the droplets stay formed through the oil! Adding the tablets made the lava lamp burst into life. These were so easy to make, we’d highly recommend trying at home with an adult.


Term 3

Class 4 Term 3 ‘That sounds awesome’ Homework Brochure

14.02.19 We have been writing newspaper reports about the Roman invasion of Britain, the children then spent 2 lessons typing them up on the computers and the final pieces are brilliant!

Welcome to our fraction museum! To kick off our fractions topic in maths, class 4 created fraction museums using objects in the room. It is crucial to understand fractions can be represented using every day objects, so we used scissors, rulers, pens, pencils, multilink and rubbers to represent fractions in different ways. We even managed to spot some equivalent fractions along the way…can you see them?

This week (07.02.19) Class 4 have been creating newspaper reports about the Roman invasions in Britain, from a Celtic point of view. The children worked in groups to write each section of the newspaper on one large piece of paper. They then swapped tables and moved to a new newspaper and added the next section of the paper. Once finished, we had 8 different newspapers where the entire class had contributed to each section. The finished results are fantastic!


Class 4 we have been learning about ‘grace’ in RE, what it means and why it is so important to Christians. We took the time to write our own words of encourgement, support, motivation and inspiration to become different versions of our own ‘class grace’. We are going to read different ones to the class every day to motivate us to be the best version of ourselves!

Class 4 had an online workshop with The Skinny Jean Gardener yesterday (17/1/19) to prepare for our Malvern Flower Show competition. We Skyped Lee and asked lots of questions including, “What are your top tips for constructing a flower garden?”, “What fruit and vegetables would you recommend growing?”, “What flowers will be in bloom in May?”

The children were very well mannered, polite and asked fantastic questions. Time to get sowing and building!

Class 4 made kites in Forest School this week! We scavenged around the field for suitable sticks, they had to be a certain length and size to make our kite work. We then used tissue paper and cellotape to stick it all together and raced each other across the field testing our kites. After the initial flight, we made some modifications and improvements to our kites…some of us had to stick them all back together again after they completely fell apart! It was so much fun. We LOVE Forest School!

Term 2

Class 4 Term 2 Romans Homework Brochure

Class 4 have the ‘AK Friendship cup’ this week (26th Nov) and the whole class voted for the person they think has lots of excellent qualities of a ‘fab friend’. They wrote the name of their nomination and a reason why they wanted this person to be chosen as Class 4’s Fabulous Friend. This term’s winner was Isobella Senior:

“I want to nominate Bella because she is really nice and she helps me when I am sad.”

“I nominate Bella because she is always there for me”

“I nominate Bella because she is the first to come to me when I am sad and she always cheers me up!”

Bella gets to keep the Friendship cup on her desk for the whole week, then next week it moves up to Class 5! Well done Bella, you are a superstar!

The MOST exciting thing ever happened in Class 4! On Wednesday night, Mr Jackson was digging in the pond and came across a box of Roman artefacts! Miss Boase and Mr Jackson stored the box in a safe place overnight ready for the class to find in the morning. Inside the box was a letter from a Roman girl who escaped Pompeii in LXXIV A.D, and moved to the Roman capital of Cirencester. She left behind a pair of Roman sandals, a bowl and a spoon! We spent the morning exploring the artefacts and coming up with lots of questions about where they came from, what they were used for, how she made her journey to England, who she escaped with? We are SO excited to start our topic and find all the answers.


2018 marks 100 years since the end of the First World War and Class 4 have been creating Poppy suncatchers to commemorate the WW1 centenary. We are linking our Malvern show to Ashton Keynes’ local links to the world wars, and have been discussing the impact of the war on our area in lots of detail. We are all very proud of our history and want to show this through our art and designs. Lots of us have close family members who have served or are still serving in the Armed Forces, and we are all extremely proud of them all. 

Term 1

Class 4 Term 1 Newsletter

Class 4 Term 1 ‘Water’ Homework Brochure

This week the whole school took part in a Musical Performance workshop where we learnt a dance routine to The Lion King’s ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ song. It was SO much fun. We danced in the hall and learnt an entire routine, practising our best lion pose and roar! Ask us to show you the performance at home and see if you can out-lion us! 🙂 Who do you think had the loudest roar in the class?

In R.E we have been digging deeper into the Creation and Fall story of Christianity. We read Genesis 1 and 3 and used a frieze to place the concepts of Creation, God and Fall on a timeline of the Bible’s ‘Big Story’. We had lots of fun putting ourselves in the ‘shoes’ of Adam and Eve and discussing their decisions and actions. We then discussed the impact these stories have on a believer and how Christian’s (and other people) might change their actions because of the Creation and Fall stories. 

It has been a fun filled, watery start to Year 4! We have been busy using water colours to paint river pictures, writing descriptively to create our own free-verse poems on rivers and learning about the water cycle and treating water. We have learnt so much and would love to share our new knowledge of water with you. 
This week we had our first Forest School. As our current topic is Wonderful Water, Mr Jackson showed us how to purify water. We used natural materials including leaves and moss to create a filter to try purify and clean our pond water. It was great fun and we learnt some life saving facts about water (and when not to drink it!)
Mr Jackson also told us all about the Malvern Show that we will be entering this year. The theme is ‘A Moment in Time’, feel free to help us come up with some inspirational ideas for our flower design based on recycling, British Values and History. You can always draw and label your ideas ready for our next Forest School in October. 
This week, Class 4 entered a competition ran by the W.I in Ashton Keynes. We painted rocks in bright colours and wrote a message to explain why we were inspired to decorate it the way we did. We had a fun (and messy) afternoon and can’t wait to hear the results of the competition.