Wellbeing – is a golden thread at the heart of our Curriculum

‘Ted’ is our school dog, he is a very friendly and calm ‘Cavapoochon’. He likes to visit the classes, listen to children read and look at their work, he even gives out his own stickers! Children look after Ted and walk with him at break and lunchtime and he even enjoys joining in with the odd game of football with them too! 

We provide regular yoga and Zumba sessions for the whole school

We have a highly trained and experienced ELSA team who are allocated specific time daily to support our children. We have staff members trained in mental first aid for adults too. 

We have a dedicated wellbeing team:  

Wellbeing Lead Samantha Saville Head teacher

Wellbeing Teacher (Happiness award trained) Sandra Crowley

Wellbeing TA Hanne Lang (Lead ELSA- Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)

Wellbeing Governor Reverend Shirley Danby

Wellbeing resource manager: Preet Cook (SBM)

Pupil wellbeing- we are committed to wellbeing in our school and this is why it runs through the heart of our ‘Shine Curriculum’ as a golden thread to ensure it is woven through all that we do. 

Staff wellbeing – we are committed to staff wellbeing and ensure we regularly check in with our team, have a pastoral governor to support staff as required (Rev Shirley), provide team building and wellbeing activities such as staff and governor yoga, Zumba and massage treatments for all staff from a trained professional. We listen to our staff and work hard to ensure our school is open, supportive and a really happy place to work. 

For our 2020-2021 School improvement plan, mental health and wellbeing is a going to be a key area in focus and we are really looking forward to moving this to a new level as we look at further developing wellbeing as a whole school programme, policy and training package to support pupils and staff throughout our school.