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Class 6 AK Annual Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

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Term 3

Class 6 Term 3 & 4 Newsletter

Term 2

In Class 6 we have been enjoying reading Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. The story is set deep in the Amazon rainforest in the city of Manaus. As part of this topic, we have written our own jungle adventure stories thinking about how we keep our reader gripped.  

We have also been learning about the importance of the rainforest and its ecosystems. We were amazed to learn that the Amazon is home to 30% of the world’s plants and animals. We have explored reasons behind deforestation and written letters calling for people to take better care of our green lungs- the Amazon. 

In science we have been learning about the human body and the different systems that make it work. We had great fun learning about the digestive system when we had a go at modelling the digestive system using bananas, cornflakes, an pair of tights and a LOT of food colouring! 

We have been practising our colour mixing thinking about warm and cold colours. We have used these to make contrasting ‘patches’ on a painting patchwork.

We have had a go at lots of science experiments practising our SC1 skills. In this experiment we were looking at what we change, measure and keep the same- the variables in a fair test. We put yeast, warm water and sugar in a bottle in different quantities and then observed what happened. Can you see the balloons rising?

Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to learn to fence and earn their fencing grade one this term. Over seven weeks we learnt how to lunge and parry. We played lots of games to make us quick on our feet. We LOVED it. Have a look at the pictures:

In art this term we have been learning all about sculpture. We started off exploring the works of some famous sculpture artists for example Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore before we started making our own paper sculptures.

After that we explored making wire sculptures showing people exercising. We then covered the wire bodies with wool.
Finally we made clay sculptures. Can you see the influences of different artists on our work?
Term 1
To start off our school year we looked at the learning metaphor ‘Life in all its fullness’. We thought about how the world would need to be so that everybody had life in all its fullness. We wrote poems in the style of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream poem.
Have a look at the art work we produced for this:



Class 6 Curriculum Annual Overview 2019-2020

Class 6 Term 5 Remote Home Learning Timetable & Website Links

Class 6 Term 5 Afternoon tasks

Term 6

One of our new Home Learning afternoon tasks is to draw or paint a ‘View from my Window’. This theme is inspired by episode 4 of Grayson’s Art Club, which has been created during the lockdown period by Channel 4.
Aimee has used watercolours in muted tones to create a lovely, calm feeling to her artwork.

Rosie has looked carefully at the proportions of the house outside of her window and the shape and size of the plants growing in her neighbour’s garden.

Dylan has been experimenting with watercolour paints and silhouettes and has created this effective image.

Term 5

Just like children all around the world, we are currently learning from home.  Here are some of the lovely activities we have been working on while we’re not able to be in school.
Here is Will’s ingenious diagram he made out of balls and labels which is to scale of the planets in the solar system.
Using the artist Peter Thorpe as inspiration, one of the afternoon tasks we’ve been set is to create a piece of artwork with the resources available at home.  This is a really colourful example using acrylic paints.
Flo followed one of the BBC Bitesize lessons and created this lovely poem containing a variety of different metaphors.
Sam created this explanation text about shooting stars.  Did you manage to spot any in the Lyrid meteor shower on 21st and 22nd April?
Anna built a model of the solar system using items from around her house.  Whilst the balls she has used are a similar scale to a nitro scale model of the solar system, the spacing between some of them would need to be a 10 minute walk away to be accurate!


Esme used the artwork of Peter Thorpe as inspiration for this colourful painting.


Term 4

What a year so far!

Your children are superb! They have continued to access and take full advantage of all the opportunities and their learning and behaviour has been exemplary (in spite of outside influences).

On a personal note, can I say a huge thank you and well done to all of the Year 6 class. You have worked incredibly hard this whole year and we will make sure you are provided with an accurate reflection of what you have achieved. Thank you for being great – I will miss you all so very much.

During science week, Class 6 explored mass and surface area – we created different sized boats and experimented with different weights to discover the maximum weight a boat could hold and why.

In Forest school, we looked at combining our science skills with our use of tools and created various gliders, experimenting with their wingspan, fins, shape and size. We then all launched them in varying conditions (and with varied degrees of success)!

Class 6 have continued to be amazing buddies! Last term, we held a ‘movie event’ where Year 6 brought their reception buddies into Class 6 and we all watched some fantastic short movies. Year 6 were so responsible and their buddies had a great time.

The children in Class 6 have also worked tremendously hard on their writing. Every child created their own mythological narrative. They were absolutely amazing and full of year 6 language and punctuation.

Take a look at some pictures of class 6 working hard in Forest School:


Term 3

Class 6 Term 3 & 4 Homework Brochure

Term 2 

Our first two terms in Year 6 have been Wowsers Trousers! We have experienced countless enriching experiences including: an online webchat from inside the rhino enclosure at Whipsnade Zoo, a trip to the pantomime, the senior citizen tea party, and much more besides!

The children’s effort, determination and learning have been top notch and this has resulted in wonderful progress and quality learning so far. They have not only worked hard on their own learning and progress, but have also supported their Class R buddies so stunningly and have enabled them to become confident, independent members of Team AK.

This Autumn term, we have looked at a fantastic book,
‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgewick. This has acted as a stimulus for some incredible, creative writing including: diary entries, letters, character descriptions, stories and dystopian narratives. The children have also looked at and have applied a range of these skills in other subjects such as Geography, Science, Art and Global Advocacy.

In November, the children organised the AK Senior Citizen tea Party, where the children shared learning, reading, songs (and of course tea and cake) with the older community from the local area. I was so pleased to see how they responded in a mature, welcoming and giving manner. We have received countless cards and responses from the people who attended which have meant so much to the children. December soon came upon us. We visited the pantomime and the Year 6 pupils were absolute ambassadors for the rest of the school. We have also had French lessons this term, delivered by Mrs Felipe. The children have really developed their linguistic skills and are using French phrases more readily. Thank you to Mrs Felipe for volunteering her time, working across the school to deliver French.


Alongside the usual festive cheer of December, we have had two visits and workshops from Wiltshire ambulance service. The children are now proficient in first aid, choking prevention, CPR, the recovery position and so much more!


The Year 6 team would like to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and thank you for being so supportive of our wonderful team.

Term 1

Class 6 Term 1 Homework Brochure

Life in all its fullness – Forest School

In our first session of the year, we all made bird feeders using willow. This is part of our environmental learning, where we are finding ways to improve the school grounds and our local area, in order to benefit wildlife. We learnt how to soften the willow branches to make them more pliable and were taught how to weave to create a strong structure to support an apple. Each of us took our bird feeders home to hang in our gardens.
We also helped to weave the longer branches of willow in the storytelling area, to keep the structure strong over the winter months.