Growth Mindset

At AK we have a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach to learning which ensures we grow our brains through challenge and effort. Please click here to take a look at our presentation used at the parent/carer workshop. If you require any further support please ask.

“Growth Mindset has been mightily positive and each class has created an environment in which the differences between a fixed and growth mindset is evident so that it can be easily referred to, from Reception – Year 6. Through our teaching and through leading by example, we encourage our pupils to adopt a growth mindset approach to their learning. A Growth Mindset is about recognising it’s ok to make mistakes and that our brains grow when we try. It can help alleviate frustrations that some students experience in their learning and hence reduce the frequency of potential low‐level disruption. A great success so far. Keep growing you brains!” Mrs. Saville

As ambassadors for Growth Mindset take a look at some of the children’s amazing work: