Global Advocacy

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Global advocacy in practice around our school.

An enormous well done to our very thoughtful School Council who organised a charity event for Water aid. They had to carry buckets of water around the running track for 22 laps and by doing this raised lots of money and awareness for the work of the charity and the need in our world for this basic provision to be made accessible to all. Courageous advocacy in action! Thank you to all who were able to support and take part.

Why did we decide to raise money for Water Aid? Have a listen to our pupil voice.

“It’s because people without safe water can now have safe taps and safe toilets.” Year 4

“If you drink dirty water with germs and bugs in you’ll get seriously ill.” Year 5

“In poorer countries people without running water have to walk on average 3 miles to collect water. It’s really tricky to carry heavy water. My arms started to ache after the 1st three laps.” Year 5 and 6

Read what the School Council thought were key reasons for raising money for Water Aid.

Spirituality fortnight 2023-2024

We welcomed the new school year back with our learning metaphor ‘Our Common Home : Love your neighbour as yourself’.  Across the school we read the book Dear Earth which is written as a letter to the Earth by little girl praising its beauty. We have then gone on to considered how wonderful and diverse our world is but also how we are damaging it.We explored this story in connection with the parable of the Good Samaritan and the teaching ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself. We thought about what this means in terms of our Spirituality, how we are all interconnected,  considered why the Earth, our unique home, is so special, delicate and in need of our protection and care. Not just for ourselves but for everyone around the world as caring for our world is loving our neighbour.

Have a look on our Spirituality page to see more of this work.

Our Spirituality fortnights at the beginning of each year can help us to explore global issues. We decided to look at ‘Under the same sky’ by Britta Teckentrupp to think about the idea of how we want all the world’s children to live life in all its fullness.

Fair Trade fortnight

We looked at what Fair Trade is and how it helps farmers in LEDC countries. We explored how our shopping habits can help others around the world and that our voice can be used to create change.

COP 26
Have a look at the Eyes of the World are on you posters we created to remind World Leaders of the importance of keeping their climate change promises at the COP 26 summit. We sent our images off to the Christian Aid poster campaign for this summit.