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Class 5 Term 3 Annual Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

Term 3

Class 5 Term 3 Newsletter 2022

Term 2

Class 5 Autumn Term Newsletter

During the second half of the Autumn term, Class 5 have, once again, been super busy with their learning! In English, we have finished reading the thrilling book ‘Floodland’ by Marcus Sedgwick – we really enjoyed reading it, particularly the fight between the armies near the end! We have written diary entries, character descriptions and newspaper reports. We have been focusing on using advanced punctuation within our writing and different sentence types and the impact they have on the reader. Have a read through some of our newspaper reports. 

Freddie’s Report

Helena’s Report

Ophelia’s Report

Ruben’s Report

Timon’s Report

In Maths, we have been focusing on statistics, multiplication and division. We also had Maths Week where we took part in various outdoor Maths challenges and The Million Pound Drop Maths style. 


This term in Science, Class 5 have been learning all about The Solar System. We have been learning about the order of the planets and we came up with our own mnemonics to help us to remember them. Iris came up with ‘My Very Eager Mother Just Served Up Noodles’ whilst Nate included the dwarf planet Pluto in ‘My Very Earnest Mother Just Showed Me Nine Planets’. We used our knowledge of the Solar System to create non-chronological reports on our own newly discovered planet. We thought carefully about where the planet would fit in our galaxy. Have a look at some of our work below: 


In Geography this term, we have been studying ‘What is climate? What is weather?’. We have been considering climate change and how it is impacting on our world today and what we can do to reduce our own carbon footprint. We even drew line graphs to show the different carbon footprints between countries across the globe! We have had some brilliant work produced by our ‘experts’ including Jemima who incorporated her furry assistants to assist her with her video and Livvy who gave a super presentation on COP 26. Have a read through some of our ‘experts’ work below:

Livvy’s COP26 presentation

Isabelle’s COP26 presentation

Nicole’s COP26 presentation

Term 1

Class 5 Assembly – October 2021
In October, Class 5 did an assembly to parents and carers about the History of the school and they used so much of the visitors’ information to show how much they have learned about the school and how it has changed over the past 150 years up to today. It was a brilliant mix of Historical fact, children’s work that they have produced, inspired by the project, all presented through excellent drama, music and with a fabulous amount of humour to entertain us all. Well done Class 5!
Here is our very own Mrs Saville (Ophelia) with the real Mrs Saville!


Have a read through our assembly script – watch out for the bad jokes!

Year 5 Class Assembly script



Class 5 AK Annual Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Home Learning Timetable with Zoom Year 5 Spring

For World Book Day, we all dressed up as a character for our Zoom/In school lessons. We all had to bring a potato to the lesson with us to decorate as our World Book Day character or their sidekick! It was so much fun, and the potatoes are hilarious. We then made our ‘hero’ into a villain and created Wanted Posters for our evil hero. It was such a fun activity to turn a classic hero, such as Ron Weasley or Cinderella, into evil villains! 

Term 3

Class 5 Term 3 & 4 Newsletter

Class 5 Shackleton’s Journey Homework Brochure

During Lockdown, Class 5 have been working on a Global Advocacy Project on Fast Fashion. Take a look at these vlogs created at home by the children to help combat fast fashion. The children completed their research, wrote their scripts and recorded themselves as part of an independent Home Learning Project! 

Check out our figurate language in Year 5! We have been reading all about Shackleton’s adventure and describing (using metaphors, similes and personification) his journey to South Georgia to find help and rescue his crew from Elephant Island. How many examples of figurative language can you find in our amazing writing? 

In Class 5, we all absolutely love art. That’s why, during lockdown, we have dedicated at least 1 (sometimes 2!) afternoon a week to our well-being and art. The past 2 weeks, the themes have been nature, animals and detailed sketches of eyes. We could use any medium we had at home: pencils, pens, paint, colours, anything! The main objective is to be creative and unique – just like us

Class 5 have continued to blow me away with their dedication to their home learning and their fantastic writing. We are reading ‘Shackleton’s Journey’, all about Ernest Shackleton and the adventures of his crew and his ship, Endurance. We have been writing letters to imagine we were one of the crew members, really focusing on emotive and powerful language. The children have been incredible and have written such powerful work. Can you spot all of our awesome fronted adverbials, complex sentences and embedded clauses? 


Term 2

Class 5 Shackleton’s Journey Homework Brochure

Class 5 Term 1 & 2 Newsletter

We loved the whole school Christmas treat of the streamed Panto!

We have been reading Journey to the River Sea in English and as our homework, we had to create a board game based on the rainforest. The children worked incredibly hard and created some brilliant, imaginative and unique board games! 

We have been challenging ourselves every day to improve our writing and include lots of fantastic Year 5 grammar and vocabulary. Take a look at some of our incredible writing. Can you spot relative embedded clauses? Semi colons? Brackets? Complex sentences? Using our star challenge boards, we have all been able to succeed and improve.

For the past 5 weeks Class 5 have had an Art specialist teacher in every Monday afternoon and we have been learning all about sculptures. We have learnt all about Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore and what inspires them to create sculptures. After a few weeks of practising using tin foil and then even making our own wire sculptures, we have now created our own sculptures inspired by their designs! 

In Class 5, we are learning about the Victorians. After writing our ‘cold task’ to see how much we know about the Victorian era before starting our topic, Mrs O’Neill selected ‘experts’ to complete research! Zack and Toby were our first Victorian experts and created presentations on Victorian Fashion and Inventions. They then presented these at the start of the lesson about fashion and inventions! The children absolutely loved the challenge and loved being given the opportunity to teach their peers about their expert area.


Listen to Episode 1 of our amazing podcast!

We are so lucky at Team AK to have Reverend Shirley join us every Monday morning to welcome the whole school back and kick off our week with a whole school worship. This week we were learning about long and hard journeys and the story of the birth of Jesus. We thought about different journeys we have been on and the people who went through long and hard journeys to welcome Jesus into the world. We all said a prayer and thought about the true meaning of Christmas as the gift of Jesus and love for one another. 

Term 1

In English, we have been learning to write relative embedded clauses in Class 5. Mrs O’Neill gave everyone in the class 12 chopped up relative embedded clauses, and the children had to put them back together again! It was so much fun and helped us see the importance of the main clause making sense on its own. We were also able to remove the relative embedded clause to check it did make sense! 

On Monday 28th September, Class 5 took part in The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020. The assembly was put on by The Diana Award and had a whole host of celebrity guests to remind everyone of the need for mutual respect in our schools and communities. Together, we pledged to put an end to bullying, celebrate diversity and create communities of kindness. 

Class 5 have been selected by Mr Jackson to create a monthly podcast on life at Team AK. We were so lucky to have a celebrity gardener, The Skinny Jean Gardener, as our first guest on their new monthly podcast. Lee does a daily podcast and had lots of brilliant top tips for the class to make their own podcast. The children asked Lee fantastic questions and were incredibly polite, as always! We are so excited to get the first podcast out!

Our first Forest School session in year 5 was brilliant! Mr Jackson challenged us to build a model den using only sticks and grass with the additional challenge of having to replicate it with the same materials so we could fit inside! The children began working independently or in pairs and when they started building the bigger dens, they decided to work together as a team and collect resources to support each other. It was a fantastic team building activity and the children worked incredibly well together. Mr Jackson and I were super impressed with their decisions to support each other and help one another to succeed.


Our home learning task this week (15th Sept) was to select a quote from the Bible that highlights our learning metaphor, ‘Life in all its fullness.” The children selected their favourite quote and produced a piece of art they felt most represented their chosen quote. Some even challenged themself further to write an explanation of their chosen quote and art work. The children all worked incredibly hard and produced some creative, thoughtful and inspiring home learning as a result. 

Our Science topic this term in Class 5 is electricity. To kick off our topic, we created circuits! Using wires, batteries and light bulbs, we discussed the importance of a closed circuit and what happens when the circuit is not closed. We had great fun testing the brightness of the light bulb and using different batteries and cells to complete our circuits.