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Reception Curriculum Annual Overview 2017-18

Term 4

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Term 3

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Term 2

In Class R this term we have been all the way to space!!! We’ve heard the story of Bob the Man on the Moon, Aliens love underpants and Whatever next. We’ve learnt about the moon, stars, space travel and really enjoyed playing in our space rocket.

Next stop…Christmas!!!


Term 1

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Our new shining stars are settling in beautifully to their new surroundings and routines. They are already making friends with their new classmates and bonding well with their Yr 6 buddies.

As part of the whole school’s ‘A seed is sleepy’ theme, we have planted mustard seeds on stones and soil just like in Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed. We have been predicting and observing what happens to the seeds.


Reception Annual Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Term 6

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Term 5

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Although short, Term 5 has been packed full of amazing learning experiences for Class R. We discovered the delights of minibeasts with in depth  bug hunting and observations. We even had a snail race!  We spent time watching caterpillars, chrysalis’ and, after a couple of weeks and lots of patience, butterflies. Juicy grapes and tasty tomatoes were ideal for creating our own hungry caterpillars and ours were much nicer to eat than the real ones!

Writing sentences has been a focus this term and we are all really improving and making great progress! A new story about vegetables came our way called ‘Supertato’ which we loved!

The evil pea had to be stopped and my goodness we did our best! We made traps, designed posters, wrote descriptions and letters, and thankfully, in the end with the help of our own superatoes  we stopped him.

The term came to an exciting end with the whole school being involved in World Awareness Week. One of the activities we did was cooking and our chopping skills came in very handy when making Mexican chilli. It was great fun travelling to all the different classes with our buddies and so good for our confidence and helped us to become more familiar with other teachers and classrooms.


Term 4

Reception Term 4 Newsletter

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We’re waiting………..


Class R really enjoyed their visit from the author John Dougherty last week. He told us some funny stories, made us giggle with hilarious poems and then sang a song about underpants! We thought it was fantastic! He even signed some books for us. Thanks very much John!

Term 3 

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Term 3 was brilliant! We especially enjoyed the story of Stickman and loved making him in various ways! We have become great designers and really enjoy planning our creations before building them.

Term 2 

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This term the children enjoyed wearing pyjamas to school for Children in Need, bringing teddies in for the day, exploring and discovering the delights of a frosty morning, and performing as angels and soldiers in the Nativity play ‘The Bethlehem Star’.

Along with all these fantastic experiences, Class R have been very busy practising their reading, writing and maths skills. All of the team are really proud of how much more independent the children have become and how much they have learnt.



Term 1

Reception Term 1 Newsletter

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Wednesday 5th October was a beautiful, sunny, autumn morning; perfect for Class R’s  first class trip! Although we didn’t go far (just to Holy Cross Church) it was a big adventure for us. We walked near the  River Thames, along the road and down the  path to the church with conkers falling around us!

Once at the church we enjoyed the activities provided for us which helped us to learn about and experience Harvest. We made cotton wool sheep, tasted bread, made prayer fish, looked at donations for the Swindon foodbank and tried to name some harvest produce. Reverend Shirley and her team made us all feel very welcome.

It made us all very hungry so we walked as fast as we could and got back just in time for lunch!







Class R made bread with Rev Shirley and Mrs Tim. We made it to celebrate harvest and it will be in the church for us when the whole school go there to ‘Experience Harvest’.