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Term 3

Class 3 Annual Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Class 3 Term 3 Homework Brochure

Class 3 Term 3 Newsletter

Class 3 became history detectives! They investigated Stone Age artefacts loaned from the Corinium Museum. We found out what artefacts were and the difference between primary and secondary sources of evidence. The children handled the objects and had to decide what they were made of, what they were and what they could learn about life in the Stone Age from them.

Here are some photos:


Class 3 had an exciting forest school session where they made Stone Age bread then cooked it on an open fire. They also tried to make fire without matches, using flint. I think they all agreed it was pretty difficult!

At forest school we made Stone Age bread and these were the ingredients:



Honey to sweeten it

It was really good. Have a go to see what it was like in the Stone Age

Written by Lara Green



Term 2

Class 3 Term 2 ‘The Iron Man’ Homework Brochure

Class 3 have started to read the  Iron Man. They have written verb poems based on the events in chapter 1.
First the children used a thesaurus to create a verb bank using interesting synonyms for more commonly used verbs. They then used this to help them write their verb poem.
They had to write four verses
Verse 1 described the Iron Man on the cliff top
Verse 2 described him falling
Verse 3 described him piecing himself together again
Verse 4 described him eating metal at a junk yard
They published them using Word and added silhouettes to finish them off.  Here are some examples:

Term 1

Class 3 Term 1 Newsletter

Class 3 Term 1 ‘A Seed is Sleepy’ Homework Brochure

The children have been improving their sketching and painting skills. They have learnt to make colours from primary shades and mix colours to closely match what they are painting. Below are some stunning examples of their art work. Welcome to our gallery!

Class 3 have been working hard to use poetic language devices such as similes, alliteration, personification, metaphors and repetition. Here are two beautiful examples describing a season in the city.

Class 3 have enjoyed the text a Seed is Sleepy and have produced poetry inspired by seed dispersal shown in this book and Flip, Float, Fly.

Here are their poems. We hope you like them!


Class 3 Annual Curriculum Overview 2016-2017

Term 6

Class 3 Term 6 Noah Barleywater Homework Brochure

We have been writing poetry about the unusual tree in Noah Barleywater:

Term 5

Class 3 Term 5 Newsletter

Class 3 Term 5 Globe Trotters Homework Brochure


Class 3 enjoyed helping to pot up and rebuild the award winning RHS garden. We endured torrential rain but got the job done!

In Maths the class constructed 3D shapes and used these to help visualise faces, edges and vertices.

We loved World Awareness Week. The children returned to class each day buzzing about what they had learned and the activities they completed.

Term 4 

Class 3 Term 4 Newsletter

Class 3 Term 4 ‘All the World’s a Stage’ Homework Brochure

Class 3 had their class assembly on Tuesday 7th March. They spoke very clearly and recited their lines confidently. We loved the  Caesar poem!

Term 3

Class 3 Term 3 Newsletter

Class 3 Roving Romans Homework Brochure

The children all thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Corinium Museum, take a look at some of the photo’s below:


Term 2

Class 3 Term 2 Newsletter

Class 3 Term 2 Mouse Bird Snake Wolf Homework Brochure

Class 3 really enjoyed all the planning, making and selling for the AK Christmas Enterprise challenge they created some lovely products which were beautifully displayed and made an handsome profit! Take a look at some of the photographs starting from the planning stage and then the lovely displays on the night of the fayre.










Term 1

Class 3 Newsletter September 2016

Class 3 Caribbean Calypso Homework Brochure

Class 3 Statutory Spelling List


Class 3 have been learning about the Caribbean islands. We have been impressed by the high standard of homework completed. Here is a sample of the most recent home learning challenge which was to create a piece of Caribbean inspired art work. What a beautiful gallery!


Evie-May Herbert

Evie-May Herbert


Luca Vitale

Luca Vitale


Matthew Dyson

Matthew Dyson

Abigail Claridge

Abigail Claridge


Emerson Lyons

Emerson Lyons


Phoebe Cryer

Phoebe Cryer


Emily Winter

Emily Winter


Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 09.35.21

Rebecca Clifford


Summer star challenge

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 17.34.52