Wellbeing Ambassadors


We are the Wellbeing Ambassadors. We have been fully trained and are keen to improve the wellbeing of the pupils in our school by helping them find ways to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. We have been teaching the school about the 5 ways to wellbeing. We regularly meet with Mrs Saville our Headteacher to look at wellbeing in the school and give our thoughts and ideas. We have set up a Wellbeing challenge for children in the school and we are organising a special week in February called Mental Health and Wellbeing week. In the Summer term, a new team of Year 5 ambassadors will shadow us and train to become the new wellbeing ambassadors for 2023 2024.


Please see the challenge we have written for children in our school and the letter we wrote to parents about the mental health and wellbeing week we are planning for February. 

We love being Wellbeing Ambassadors and proudly wear our orange wellbeing stars and help improve wellbeing for all of the children in Team AK. We were delighted to receive this positive feedback from one of our parents:

I just wanted to drop a note to say what a fab email this was to read. How exciting it will be for the children! And the year 6 wellbeing ambassadors should be really proud of themselves. 

I wish there had been something similar when I was at school. It’s great to see the school helping the children look after their whole selves and hopefully set them up well for the future