Eco Council


Ashton Keynes’ eco club is a fun, friendly club that anyone, parents, teachers and the community included, can help out with and support. We meet every Tuesday at 12:50 p.m. in the year one classroom where Miss Smith leads the meetings. The eco committee – a team of year sixes who have been democratically elected and who run the main meetings share lots of fun environmental activities and games. We want to teach people about keeping our environment happy and healthy.

This group is open to all ages in school.

The Eco Committee

The eco club is made up of eco leaders and eco supporters. The eco leaders were required to come up with a speech explaining why they would like to help the eco council and some of their ideas on how they will help reduce plastics in school. Everyone present at the meeting then voted for who they thought would be the best people for the eco committee. The eco committee his made up of eco leaders and supported by the eco supporters. The current eco leaders are Rachel, Jess, Alice and Sophie E from year 6.

What we hope to achieve

In eco club we hope to achieve a more environmentally friendly school environment and have the children help with that.  We hope to include our school in many activities other schools will not have the chance to take part in . One of our recent campaigns has been collecting batteries for recycling as part of ‘The Big Battery Hunt’.

We are taking part in this battery project where we save up all our used batteries and save them so they don’t get thrown away. We hope to make the school more aware of climate change and how it affects our world.

We are passionate about saving the bees and have learnt all about ways to help them.  In response to our research, we created some bee artwork.  It was lots of fun!