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Class 1 AK Curriculum Annual Overview 2017-18

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In English we’ve been reading and reciting poems from Julia Donaldson’s anthology ‘Poems to Perform’.  It’s been great fun learning the poems and adding our own actions.  To make our performance more interesting we varied the speed and volume of our voices. Here we are reciting ‘The Rhythm of Life’ by Michael Rosen.


Class 1 AK Curriculum Annual Overview 2016-2017

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Term 6

Class 1 term 6 The Savannah Homework Brochure

Class 1 and 2 had a fabulous day at Cotswold Wildlife Park, the children were incredibly well behaved and made all of the staff very proud. The children had the opportunity to look around the park and enjoy the animals. We also had a fabulous talk from one of the keepers at the park who told us all about the Zebras, Giraffes, Lions and Rhinos, we learnt lots of fantastic facts, which hopefully your children have already shared with you.

We are now looking forward to our new book ‘One day on our blue planet – in the Savannah and all of the super writing and artwork that this will inspire.

Term 5

Class 1 Term 5 Traction Man Homework Brochure

Sid the Superhero!

In Class One we’ve all been SUPERHEROS! We learnt to retell the story ‘Sid the Superhero’ and then adapted the story frame to create our own fantastic superhero stories.  We experienced lots of role play and even had a Superhero challenge afternoon!  Here are some of our super stories.

Term 4

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Class 1 Term 3/4 Newsletter

We had lots of fun during Science week. One of our favourite activities was making slime! We mixed cornflour and water until the slime was the consistency of thick honey. We loved getting stuck in and feeling the sticky slime. Once we’d made our slime we tried out some experiments to see how the slime reacted to  rolling, stretching and being dropped from a height!


Term 3

In February we learnt all about Chinese New Year.  We practiced writing Chinese symbols and followed instructions to make mini Chinese Dragons.  We were lucky enough to experience a dance workshop where we enjoyed listening to a story about ‘The Great Race’.  This is Chinese tradition.  Then we learnt a traditional Chinese dance.  We had such a wonderful time!


Term 2

As part of our Diwali celebrations Year One and Two took part in a Diwali dance workshop. During the session we all learnt different hand movements for animals such as a dove, bee, eagle and fish. Ask one of us to show you! Then, we put the different movements together to form a dance and then performed to class R. Nano said, “I enjoyed it all,” while James said “I liked the body flick (the wave).




Term 1

Class 1 Newsletter Autumn 2016

Class 1 Term 1 & 2 Homework Brochure

Can you spell these words?

On Wednesday (5th Oct), Class 1 visited Holy Cross Church to Experience Harvest.  We worked our way around the various stations to learn about the different ‘harvests’ the world give us.  We demonstrated our current value of generosity by taking donations for Swindon Foodbank. We had a fun and informative morning and would like to thank Reverend Shirley and her team of helpers.

What a lovely start to the year we have had. We started the term with a whole school week on ‘Spituality’. The children were asked what spirituality meant to them and words they associated with it. The responses were incredible; love,  heart, God, friends, moon were just some. Come and have a look at our spirituality area near the book corner. In the second full week we looked at Bristish value where we learnt about how to be a member of Ashton Keynes and the British Society as a whole. We considered; listening to everyone’s views, knowing the difference between right and wrong, knowing that we are responsible for our  behaviours and accepting that others’ may have different views and beliefs. Additionally we had our first mindfulness session of the year. Ms Trowmans introduced us to the singing bowl, made from 7 types of metal.