Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

2023- 2024

Kite Making

Based on our work around the story The Secret Sky Garden by Linda Sarah, we made our own kites and then wrote our own detailed instructions to explain the process.

Air Ambulance Visit

We had a visit from Wiltshire Air Ambulance and learnt valuable life-saving skills, including how to help someone if they were choking.

Man explaining what choking is.
Child hitting the back of man's training vest to practice how to stop someone choking.
Children using Act Fast training vest to practice removing a blockage if someone else is choking.

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2022 – 2023

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Spring Term

We visited Holy Cross Church to meet Reverend Shirley and find out more about Easter. She was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and invited them to share some of what they had learnt at the school Easter service.

Class 2 constructed Ferris Wheels using cardboard, lolly sticks and dowling wood and even a hot glue gun! They had to ensure that the wheel rotated smoothly and that they could attach pods which would rotate with the wheel and not tip the passengers out! We have been very impressed with their DT skills and their ability to identify problems with their designs and how to overcome them. 

November 2022 – Computing: Programming

Class 2 are learning about programming and algorithms. They have been using Bee Bots and taking turns to create sequences of instructions which their group have to use to predict the outcome of the sequence and predict where the Bee Bot will travel to on the floor mat. They even became human Bee Bots and programmed each other to move across the floor! 

November 2022 – STEM challenge

Class 2 were visited by Mr Barry and pupils from Pinewood School to complete a STEM challenge. The children completed the Spaghetti Tower Challenge! The children worked very well together and had many different approaches to their construction.

November 2022 – Skinny Jean Gardener visit

We were lucky to be visited by Lee Connelly, the Skinny Jean Gardener, who led a workshop teaching us about pollinators and pests in our gardens.  We learnt why pollinators are so important as well as why we need pests in our gardens to feed birds and other wildlife.  It was really interesting to look at a large hornet’s nest that one of the children brought in from home too.

After playing a game to find natural objects with different textures on the school grounds, we worked in teams to create some bug homes to attract insects to our field.  Take a look at our creations!

September 2022 – Wiltshire Air Ambulance visit

Wiltshire Air Ambulance visited Ashton Keynes and gave the children a valuable lesson on life saving techniques. Below are some pictures showing the children practising CPR and the recovery position.