AKPS accredited highest level in Challenge Partners Review; ‘Leading’

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To challenge ourselves as a school and to ensure that our school improvement plans are the best they can be to ensure the best outcomes for our children, we are part of Challenge partners, a national programme.  We have been reviewed by teams from Challenge partners for the past 4 years, affirming the school improvement journey we are on. Our outcomes started as GOOD in 2017, then have been consistently above this since 2018 when we were judged Outstanding across the board with an Accredited Area of Excellence in Writing. 2019 we were again graded as OUTSTANDING and recently in February 2020 we achieved the new highest level of LEADING with an even more rigorous set of criteria. We also had another accredited Area of Excellence for our ‘Culture of Challenge’.

We have three members of staff who are trained by Challenge partners to lead reviews in other national schools Mrs Saville (Headteacher), Miss Igoe (Senior Leader) and Miss Redman (Maths Lead and Senior Teacher) which is excellent professional development but also hugely benefits our school. Miss Redman has already been part of a review team of an outstanding school in Worcestershire and a school in London. Mrs Saville has reviewed an outstanding school in Cornwall and two schools in Nottingham and another more recently in London. Being part of Challenge Partners means that we can share best practice and learn from others; share training and reflect on our school improvement- the benefits are enormous. The professional dialogue and learning that takes place through a review is excellent. We want to demonstrate that our school is proactive in working with others, learning from others and being self-reflective and keen to challenge ourselves to ensure that we are achieving the best outcomes for all of our pupils.

As a school team with leadership at all levels we are certainly shining brightly, please see our most recent report below:

Ashton Keynes Church of England Primary School Report 2020

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