AKPS Reception 2010 – 2011

On Tuesday the Year 6s came to help us make pirate ships. We all had great fun!

What shall we do?

Hard at work

On Thursday 7th July we visited Gloucester Waterways Museum. We took part in a craft activity, had a trip up the canal and dressed as canal people to experience what life on a narrow boat might have been like.

How do we look?

For more, click here – Gloucester Waterways Museum

Class R put their chefs hats on to make delicious brownies with Jan.

Ready, Stready, Cook!

Good enough to eat!

We have been blowing brilliant bubbles!

From a cone

and cotton reels.

We learned that you can put your hand inside a bubble, as long as your hand is wet.


For brilliant bubbles – mix 1 litre cold water, 20 mls glycerine and 70 mls fairy liquid.
Friday 17th June saw the Ashton Keynes Music Festival come to school.
We made music from hot air.

The tuba was very big!

Our co-ordination skills were put to the test in a Gospel workshop. Swaying, clapping and singing – quite tricky!
Finally we tried our hands at some African drumming.

Our hands were a blurr!

It all became..

too much!

Music Festival – click here for more photos
Circus Skills – click here for more pictures.
Tuesday 24th May saw us working on our circus skills.

Look at what I can do!

And attending a party at the village hall that the Rising 5s had planned for us.

Using natural objects to create master pieces!

Take a look at this impressive piece of home learning.

The proud winner of the rather and fluffy duck!

And the WINNER is……..


Thursday 28th April – The Happy Day! We celebrated the marriage of William and Kate, aka Andrew and Bailey.

The arrival of the bridal party.

The bridesmaids.

Getting into the spirit of things!


Our very first play on the new ‘tree house’.

Having fun.

Friday 1st of April was a busy day for Class R. First we took part in the BunnyBounce.

The Bunny Bounce.

Next we visited Manor Farm where we made pizzas.

Mixing the base.

We re-told the story of The Little Red Hen to learn all about wheat and flour.

"Not I", said the dog. "I'm busy doing the crossword".

A ladybird house. We planted onions. It was all a bit of a puzzle!

Preparing the ground.

LOOK at what we found! We found what we decided was a treasure map. X marked the spot.

Look! It's a dinosaur!

Comic Relief 2011

We all came to school ‘dressed in red, or ready for bed’.

Don't we look fantastic?

Cheltenham Races Come to Ashton Keynes!

Today ‘The Frys’ very kindly brought one of their ponies to school. We all rode to the end of the school field and back. Some of us were a little nervous, whilst some of us believed we would be galloping around the field and jumping over fences! Everyone enjoyed themselves and Penny Noodle went home with lots of pictures for her ‘bedroom’.

We made peach juice, but Mrs Bobe slopped it over the table! Luckily Oliver was on hand to wipe it up.

Friday 4th March – Library Launch Day

We were very excited to be coming to school dressed as book characters. Mrs Bobe dressed as a very tall dwarf, and Miss Kibblewhite a very short giant! Perhaps we should have swapped. Throughout the day we all had a chance to visit our fabulous new library to look at the books, suggest a name for the bookworm and try out some of the ‘Revolting Recipes’ on offer.

In the afternoon we had a special visitor who shared some of his favourite stories with the class. We certainly had one happy, proud little boy sitting in the audience!

Enjoying a story.

On Wednesday Alexander and Daniel found this at the bottom of the field. They were very excited because they believed they had found the leg from a newly hatched T-Rex. They noticed it had bumpy skin, three sharp claws, just like a T-Rex, and that it appeared to have blood oozing out from between the toes!

What do you think it could be?

What do you think it could be?

Take a look at some of the photos from our Chinese New Year party.

Chinese dancing in the hall.

Our Chinese dragon

Do you think we should try this?

Tucking in!

Chopsticks are quite tricky!


It’s our turn to run the cake stall on Wednesday 9th February. Please bring some cakes on Wednesday for the cake sale at the end of the day.

Mrs Bobe will require some help to set the stall up and sell the cakes. If you are able to help, please speak to one of us.

Making the most of the windy weather!

Who will be first to let go?

Our topic this term is ‘What the Ladybird Heard’. On each page of the book there is a glittery ladybird to find. We have all made our own ldybirds which are now hidden around our classroom. How many can you find?


Here are some photographs of children learning.

What are the children doing?

The closest Miss Kibblewhite has ever been to a horse!

Our resident expert.

PC Harvey Visits Class R

PC Harvey visited us to answer some of our questions about being a policeman. He showed us his car, let us try on his hats and even used his ‘walkie talkie’ to talk to another police officer; she thought we sounded like a cheerful bunch!

The police car. A Honda!

The siren!

Let's hope this is the one and only time!

Two young PCs.